Course Chapters

  • 1

    Passion Fruit Cake Recipe - Download

    • Passion Fruit Cake Recipe

  • 2

    The Base: Two Kinds of Vanilla Sponge

    • How to Make a Vanilla Sponge

    • How to Make a Rolled Sponge

  • 3

    Glaze & Decorations: All You Need for the Final Touches

    • Glaze: Shiny Mirror Glaze

    • Decorations: Yellow Chocolate Rings

    • All about Glazes Recipe - Download

  • 4

    Assembly: Passion Fruit Cake Masterpiece

    • Passion Fruit Cake: Final Touches

What You'll Learn

Make this shiny and bright passion fruit cake with a modern twist

  • How to make different types of vanilla cake sponges

  • Recipe for mirror glaze made with white chocolate

  • Different kinds of chocolate decorations

  • Mango & passion fruit puree/gels for cake layering

Instructed by

Head of Faculty

Chef Christiane Trilck

Chef Christiane is trained in Culinary at the RBZ University, Germany for three years as a Masterchef. Over a span of 20 years, she has been an executive pastry chef at The Waldorf Astoria, Versace Hotel, Madinat Jumeirah in the UAE, Intercontinental Phoenicia in Beirut & The Grove Watford. She has also worked with the British chocolate master, Tony Hoyle & Celebrity Chef, Jo Barza. Her training experience includes being a key pastry trainer for Hilton Hotels, Waldorf and Conrad Hotels across the Arabian Peninsula.

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