Course Chapters

  • 1

    Authentic Black Forest Cake (No Alcohol)

    • Introduction

    • How to Make a Chocolate Sponge

    • Layering: Sour Cherry Compote & Whipped Cream and Final Assembly

    • Black Forest Cake Recipe - Download

  • 2

    Chef Christiane's Carrot Cake

    • Carrot Cake from scratch

    • Chef Christiane's Carrot Cake Recipe - Download

  • 3

    Classic Baked Cheesecake

    • Baked Cheesecake

    • Classic Baked Cheesecake Recipe - Download

  • 4

    Date Cake

    • Date Cake Course Trailer

    • Date Cake - Intro

    • Date Cake - Orange Mousse

    • Date Cake - Caramel Glaze

    • Date Cake

    • Pistachio Baklava Cream

    • Assemble The Date Cake

    • Date Cake Coure Preview

  • 5

    Beetroot Cake

    • Introduction

    • Preparation of Beetroot

    • Beetroot And chocolate Ganache

    • Beetroot And Raspberry Mousse Preparation

    • Chocolate And Beetroot Cake Preparation

    • Beetroot Cake - Sauce Anglaise

    • White Chocolate Mousse Preparation

    • Assemble - Beetroot Cake

    • Beetroot Cake Course Preview

  • 6

    Milk Cake

    • Introduction - Milk Cake Recipe

    • Milk Cake - Preparation Method

    • Milk Mix - Preparation

    • Whipped Cream Preparation & Assembling

    • Milk Cake Preview

  • 7

    Zucchini and Chocolate Cake

    • Zucchini and Chocolate Cake - Preview

    • Clip 01 - Zucchini and Chocolate Cake - Intro

    • Clip 02 - Zucchini and Chocolate Cake - Cake Mix

    • Clip 03 - Zucchini and Chocolate Cake - Chocolate Frosting

What You'll Learn

Learn how to make your favorite classic cakes with special techniques and decorations to make it your own.

  • How to make authentic Black Forest cake without alcohol

  • How to make a carrot cake with our special recipe

  • How to make a baked cheese cake

  • Sour Compote, cheesecake base, layering techniques to have a clean balanced cake

  • Chocolate decorations & finishing techniques for your cakes

Instructed by

Head of Faculty

Chef Christiane Trilck

Chef Christiane is trained in Culinary at the RBZ University, Germany for three years as a Masterchef. Over a span of 20 years, she has been an executive pastry chef at The Waldorf Astoria, Versace Hotel, Madinat Jumeirah in the UAE, Intercontinental Phoenicia in Beirut & The Grove Watford. She has also worked with the British chocolate master, Tony Hoyle & Celebrity Chef, Jo Barza. Her training experience includes being a key pastry trainer for Hilton Hotels, Waldorf and Conrad Hotels across the Arabian Peninsula.

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