Course Chapters

  • 1

    Basics of Bread Making

    • How to Calculate Desired Dough Temperature (DDT)

    • Template to Calculate Desired Dough Temperature

    • Steps to Make a Simple White Bread Loaf

    • White Bread Loaf Recipe

    • What is a Pre-Fermented Dough and How to Make It

    • Pre-Dough Recipe

  • 2

    Breads Made With Pre-Fermented Dough

    • How to Make Authentic French Baguettes

    • French Baguette Recipe

    • How to Make Rustic Farmer's' Bread

    • Farmer's Bread Recipe

    • How to Make Classic Italian Focaccia

    • Focaccia Recipe

    • Pizza Dough

    • Pizza Dough Recipe

  • 3

    Mustard Sunflower Bread

    • How to make Mustard Sunflower bread

What You'll Learn

Learn the basics and the fundamentals that will help you make artisanal and freshly baked bread at home or anywhere.

  • Get started with knowing about basic ingredients of bread along with flour properties.

  • Learn kneeding, proofing and various steps that are crucial and delicate to have the perfect loaf.

  • Understand the principle of pre-fermented doughs and various applications most notably french baguettes


Head of Academics

Chef Roland Eitzinger

A certified Master Pastry Chef & Confectioner with over 30 years of experience, Chef Roland offers a rich blend of international industry experience in the art of Baking & Pastry. He worked for leading and reputed hotel properties in Dubai, Hong Kong and in Europe as a Master & Executive Chef.